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Allapuzha, this quaint little town called the ‘Venice of the East’,is about 40 km away from Tiruvalla. Now here else will you find spread across the centre of the town, a unique crisscrossing network of canals. It is the tourists pivotal point for trips into Kerala’s famous backwaters and the state’s lush rice bowl. It’s long sandy beach has a lighthouse and jetty, a pier jutting out into the sea. Houseboats are a new addition to the travel and tourism of the state’s backwaters. Modified to meet a novel concept of holidaying, these houseboats are comfortably furnished with an open lounge, one or two bath-attached bedrooms and a kitchenette, and are extremely eco friendly, merging smoothly into the panorama. Every houseboat is manned by a crew of 3 men, usually a cook, guide and oarsman.