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Please leave us your valuable feedback on your visit to our premises and your experience during your brief stay. This will help us improve and evolve the programme to a higher level.

4 thoughts on “Feedback”

  1. Alex Mathew says:

    The program was fantastic and would surely advice others to attend it.

  2. Dr Sandeep David says:

    Brilliant and well organised course. Totally changed my approach to trauma management, as well as instilled a sense of confidence to handle trauma cases in an organised and calm way. Highly recommended!

  3. Dr.Anisha Prakash says:

    An outstanding training programme for trauma management. It instilled great confidence towards the correct way of trauma management. Each aspect of trauma management is taken well care of. Will surely recommend.

  4. KISHOR says:

    EMTC is a must course for all the health professionals.

    The goal of EMTC is to train one to handle any trauma case in an emergency setup with utmost discipline and confident manner.

    This course wins handsdown instilling confidence by TEACHING YOU TO THINK ALOUD! I am happy to share the fact that this technique s greatly helping me in taking some good clinical decisions in ward and OT also. The course gives a METHOD to what we have already learnt through our academic trainings.You would know why METHOD is so important when you take the course.

    The course would tremendously add to the skill and knowledge abilities any one who attends this course.The course is run by extremely professional set of people who have the vision and action set clear .

    The added perk of the course is you would get to know Dr.Suresh David.You would come across him someone as a great teacher you were always searching for. Passionate doctor ,master communicator and an extra ordinary teacher.

    The entire team is a motivated team of healthcare professionals who are making a huge difference in saving lives through teaching the essential of healthcare.In bits but effect is sure to be in leaps and bounds.

    Thanks to all who taught!

    Dr. Kishor

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